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CFC Campaign Updates


November 29, 2017      




As we head into the most active weeks of the Combined Federal Campaign, I want to thank you for your efforts to make this first campaign under our new regulations a success. We are heading into prime giving season between now and the close of the campaign on January 12, 2018.  We wish you well on your marketing and campaign efforts.

OPM staff members and our contractors at The Give Back Foundation and TASC are working to review and validate the reporting unit data in order to both track the appropriate payroll provider as well as provide the LFCC with the greatest possible degree of granularity in the data you seek in reports. 

While that process continues, we are encouraging campaigns to proceed with active solicitation.  One of the many advantages of the new system is how donors can log in at their convenience from any computer or mobile device and update their profile information as more reporting data is loaded into the system for Federal offices and military units. 

In addition to making sure donors are aware of ways to update their profile, OPM will communicate with employees and donors who have entered pledges to date so they can make these updates. 

Below, you will find highlights from the User Guide which I encourage you to share with campaign managers and keyworkers.


Updating Profile:

Updating Your Profile Information

1. To edit your personal information, select Profile Settings under the account management options.



Updating Personal Information:

From the Your Profile page, you can change:

· Type of Donor

· First Name

· Last Name

· Primary Work Location ZIP Code

· Department

· Agency

· Office information 

Note:  Information captured will differ depending upon donor type. If Federal Employee status changes to Contractor due to a job transfer and as an Employee, payroll was the elected payment source, the payroll option will no longer be an available option under Contractor and a new payment source must be selected in Your Pledge page.  If this occurs after Official Solicitation ends, click on Contact Us in upper-right-hand corner of page for assistance.

Update any information needed and select and click on Save Changes to submit.

Note:  If updating department, agency, or office information after a change in employment, be sure the user status is active in the new system and your transfer is complete before entering the change.


Editing Or Adding an Email

To edit your primary email or add a secondary email:

  1. Select Profile Settings under the account management options.