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Charity Events Information

2017 Charity Outreach Program: Campaign Events


Thank you for choosing to Show Some Love and participate in the 2017 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). Your work empowers and inspires the generosity of the Federal community, and together we can have an even greater impact.

The CFC is one of the largest and most successful annual workplace campaigns, raising millions of dollars each year for organizations like yours. As the only authorized charitable solicitation of employees in the Federal workplace, the CFC offers access to a critical source of unrestricted funds for participating nonprofits and an inexpensive way to attract new donors.

Information shared by your organization educates donors and helps them understand the importance of the CFC to participating charities. We look forward to working with you to attend campaign events and hope these rules and tips are helpful as you plan for the upcoming campaign.


Rules for Event Participation


Throughout the campaign, charities may have an opportunity to meet directly with campaign leaders and Federal employees. As you pursue these opportunities through charity fairs and speaking engagements, follow the guidelines set forth by the CFC to help make the most of your time with these potential donors.

  • Charity representatives participating in CFC events should:
    • Sign event authorization forms with all zones in which they plan to attend campaign functions.
    • Attend only events to which the organization has been invited.
    • Promote overall participation in the campaign, not only their organization, especially at speaking events.
    • Greet, receive, and thank all people with respect, dignity, and enthusiasm.
    • Use only the display area allotted, understanding that it may be necessary to share table space with other organizations.
    • Follow all instructions provided by event organizers.
    • Dress and act in a professional manner.
  • The sale of promotional items or collection of names or funds at CFC events is strictly prohibited. Promotional items of nominal value may be distributed.


Tips for Campaign Events


A little planning and creativity can help charity representatives connect with potential donors at campaign events. Follow these tips to leave a lasting impression and inspire generosity in Federal employees. Attend a charity training session if hosted by your local zone outreach coordinator for other advice and information.

  • Set up an engaging display area so attendees will be drawn to your table. Consider incorporating an activity, game, or prop to demonstrate your mission.
  • Prepare a 30- and 60-second elevator speech about your organization and how donations through the CFC help further your programs.
  • Welcome attendees and invite them to talk to you. Ask questions about the causes they are interested in and help make a connection to the work of your organization.
  • Bring giveaways – who doesn’t love free stuff? Practical items like totes and pens are definitely useful and will be appreciated by attendees. Consider having at least one creative giveaway that shows the impact of a donation or success toward your mission.
  • Promote event attendance on your social media channels in advance and share photos or videos during the event as well.
  • Make use of your organization’s 5-digit CFC code by printing it on, or affixing it to, your collateral and giveaway items.


2017 Charity Outreach Program


The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the only authorized charitable giving drive for employees in the Federal workplace. Launched by President Kennedy in 1961, the CFC is one of the largest charitable workplace giving programs in the world. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has organized the CFC into 35 geographic zones across the country.

The Combined Federal Campaign is the local campaign for Federal employees.

Throughout the campaign, charities may have the opportunity—via kickoffs, charity fairs, speaking opportunities, etc.—to meet directly with campaign leaders and generous Federal employees. These activities provide charities the opportunity for visibility across the CFC donor base. Charities that wish to participate in Charity Outreach Program activities must agree to follow these guidelines by signing the attached 2017 Outreach Program Guideline Agreement.


Charity Outreach Program Guidelines


These guidelines have been set forth to administer the CFC fairly and equitably for all charities within the campaign. Before attending and/or speaking at any campaign events or any associated activity, a leader from your organization must carefully read this form.

  1. We understand that we are at a CFC event; therefore, fundraising and collecting names is prohibited.
  2. At any event, promotional items of nominal value may be distributed; however, the sale of items is strictly prohibited. Our representatives will check with department or agency sponsors before engaging in raffles or gaming.
  3. We understand that when we are at a CFC event, we represent not only our organization, but all charities in the campaign, and will abide by CFC regulations 5 CFR Part §950, OPM instructions, and Federal department and agency ethics guidelines.
  4. Our organization has representatives who are willing and able to enter United States government facilities to attend charity fairs.
  5. If someone from our organization agrees to attend a campaign event, the representative will arrive on time and with appropriate photo identification(s) issued by a valid government agency (driver’s license, U.S. passport, or other). Note: At times, certain state identification cards such as driver’s licenses have been deemed unacceptable for entrance into Federal government facilities. Please check in advance to ensure your state’s licensing program meeting Federal standards. Otherwise, an alternate form of identification will be required, such as a U.S. passport. Some facilities may require two forms of ID.
  6. If unable to attend (after confirming their participation), the representative will inform the CFC and the department or agency organizer as soon as possible.
  7. Representatives will provide customer service in a professional manner and will greet, receive, and thank all attendees with equal respect, dignity, and enthusiasm.
  8. Representatives will not attend events to which our organization has not been invited.
  9. We will use only the allotted display area and understand that we may have to share table space with other charities.
  10. We will attend all CFC events in professional attire (e.g., no shorts, flip-flops, etc.).
  11. We will inform CFC officials immediately about any significant problems encountered or any changes in our contact information.

We will ensure that any staffers attending campaign events know of the CFC Charity Outreach Program requirements.


2017 Charity Outreach Program Agreement


We understand that failure to comply with any of the 2017 Combined Federal Campaign Charity Outreach Program guidelines could affect our organization’s participation in future campaign events.

In order to participate as an OPM-approved charity in 2017 CFC events, all charities must acknowledge that “2017 Charity Outreach Program - Campaign Events” has been reviewed by clicking the link below.


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